Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

Yesterday we were asked by our ped to "draw the line".  It seems as if he expects my little boy to get sick.  What???  You heard me correctly!  Seems as if he thinks it isn't a matter of if but when pneumonia will come knocking on our door.  My response...GO AWAY! WE AREN'T HOME!!!  But the fact of the matter is, I keep him in his "bubble" and protect him from evil!  We work on his secretions, do manual percussion therapy, use our suction unit, work on sinus massage.  Nonetheless the ped insisted Todd and I talk about where we would draw the line for treatment.  Would we treat him? where would we start? where would we stop? What on earth is all that supposed to mean?  Let him go?  Let him get sick and not try to help him?  WTF!? First of all this is where I draw the line:  People who don't believe in Noah and his recovery are out of our life!  My son WILL get better.  My son WON'T get sick.  I don't care if you have an "MD" after your name...go to HELL if you think this is as good as it gets!  I refuse to lie down and accept this for Noah or for our family and I will continue to fight each and every day until he is seizure free, sitting up, smiling, eating, and being just a happy little boy.  That's a promise Noah!  Happy Birthday to the best thing that has ever happened to us!  I believe in you!


  1. Happy Birthday Noah! I am so proud of you and your mom and dad. You look so good. I wish I could hold you and help your mom and dad when they get so tired. I saw you from the beginning and I saw how your mom stayed with you, took care of you, held you, watched you, fed you and loved on you. I know they love you more now than they did then. I can't be there to help them but I can pray for you and them every day. I promise all three of you I will pray for you. I believe in you Noah and I believe you have a heavenly Father who loves and believes in you too. Everything is possible for Him. He has gotten you this far and He will continue to be with you. Trish and Todd, I don't know what the future but I know and trust who holds the future. I know you will never give up. I won't either.
    Love you,
    Ramona LaFavor (Gage's Nana)

  2. I believe in Noah. And I believe in his parents. I love you. Sherry B.

  3. Ok, that doctor can go to hell for talking like that! You are a fighter and so is Noah! You are an absolutely amazing mom. God knew He put Noah in good hands. You keep fighting. Noah is a beautiful little boy and he has so much of his mommy in him!! Stay strong!! You are all in my daily thoughts and prayers!! Love you!!!
    Staci Tuck

  4. Tricia, I'm praying for you & your family!! Happy 1st Birthday to your sweet Noah. He has a wonderful, strong mom to be his voice and good for you for standing up to the doctors.

    Brendy Hamilton Bell