Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weight has been lifted...

and it's not the SlimFast (what an awful diet, BTW!).

So, I canceled. I felt like I was calling in sick to work and LYING (like the time I called in sick from an office job in Colorado... in the casino parking lot in Mesquite Nevada.

Todd was a bad influence (although looking back, I think it was my idea)!


Ahhh...the early days of our relationship. Good times!

It felt good afterward and I actually rescheduled for August, just in case things don't get better and we get desperate.

So I do have some better than average news to report about my little man. Let's just call them "Noah's Developmental Milestones" since he has decided to rewrite that book all together.

First, he has been spending more time on his tummy and less time crying about it. I actually caught him LOOKING around at some toys and a mirror (he didn't think I was watching). He has managed to roll over completely from his tummy to his back (he does tend to stop once he reaches his side but we are occasionally surprised to find him rolling onto his back). And today he started playing a game with me. I started by standing in front of him and then walking a complete circle around him. He actually followed me to his left side then turned his head to the right to "find" me when I came back into view. He did it several times and was rewarded each time with TONS of kisses and YIPPEES! Lastly, I started sitting him up on his mat and using HIS arms to prop up. He'll stay in that position for quite a while before his poor little arms give out. But it's so cool to see!!!

It's been a total blast to see him respond and start doing new STUFF! We are over the top excited and can't wait to just watch him BLOSSOM from here! I just hope he keeps it up (my always guarded optimism). What a little TATER (as in "Tater-Todd", a little nickname I've decided to give him!). :)

See, it's not always terrible and dramatic around here! Some days I'm just beside myself with gratitude. :)


  1. Yeah!!!!! I love to think of you smiling and being amazed by milestones :)
    And - hello...Tater Todd. LOVES IT!

  2. So glad to hear about a good day. You all deserve tons of those amazing moments. Go on Noah.. show us you've got! I know youhave it in ya!
    Amy Groh

  3. Well, yay! Sounds good to me.

  4. Way to go, Tater-Todd!...Love that the little man gives you thrills and hope the big man can still be a bad influence from time to time. xoxo

  5. What GREAT news. I can feel the joy from your words. I am sooo glad Noah is having success with his development. You are a great mom and I love hearing the happy tone in your blog today. Praying for continued success. Love you all.

  6. T, as always, you are my inspiration! love you, super mommy! xoxoxo Nicole