Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pnever a dull moment with Pnoah

Facing the fears this week.

Hospital (NOT CHOP) and the dreaded P-word (PNEUMONIA).

Noah was acting a little "off" this week so I knew something was up but just couldn't put my finger on it. He started off cranky then moved onto coughing then into breathing kind of fast then I headed to the Pediatrician's office. I don't really mess around with respiratory issues when it comes to my little Noah so I thought he should have a once over by someone with "MD" after their name.

Needless to say, we were admitted to the hospital after a short visit with our doc.

So we are home finally. I shouldn't say "FINALLY" since we've been in the hospital for a much longer stay and there are kiddos out there who would kill for a 4 day stay. But for us, we feel like we've served our time in such a place and do not like it one little bit when we have to go back.

Official diagnosis: Pneumonia (hence my not so clever title).

Unofficial diagnosis made my Dr Mom (and a few nurses): Infection that would have most likely developed into Pneumonia.

Dr Drama (I do like our pediatrician but I think sometimes he's a touch dramatic when it comes to Noah's diagnoses) was actually the attending doc in the hospital for our last couple of days which was really nice. He let us come home with oxygen and breathing treatments rather than making us stay until Noah is completely free of oxygen support. It's great because knows us and knows No would do better at home and trusts that I will do what I'm supposed to when it comes to his respiratory therapy.

AND let me just say (this is a little hard for me since I consider myself a "CHOP snob"), the hospital, nurses, and docs were amazingly wonderful. Noah got such great care (except for some blood draws by some inexperienced phlebotomists, bless their hearts). The compassion and understanding was tremendous and I cannot say enough good about our experience. They even let me co-sleep with my little man. Unheard of at CHOP! The nurse rolled in a big 'ol hospital bed and I signed a little waiver and that was that!

The doctors did exactly what needed to be done and they got us home pretty quick. I am so grateful! I was nervous going to a rural-ish hospital (ie NOT CHOP) but pleasantly surprised.

So that's that. We are home. Noah is resting comfortably and though he's a bit weak, he's doing awesome. My little ROCKSTAR!


  1. Thinking of Noah and you and Todd today. So glad he is home already and better. I hope the treatments are going well. I still have my fingers crossed that we will see you next month. Sending Nodude all my love and magic. Love you the most!

    Remember when you used to call me bubble baby?
    Love u

  2. Pno biggie for PnoMan. Pnothing keeps him down. That kid's tougher than boiled owl meat. Sorry about the scares. Glad you're home.

  3. Sorry to hear about the PNoah (I think that's clever). Any idea what caused the intial infection? Just sinusy stuff gone wrong?