Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I know it's been too long since an update when my friend Amy texts me to get the latest on my little man. ::smile::

I keep thinking about what to say but when I get to my keyboard I get stuck.

Noah is being Noah. Which means he's healed from the pneumonia (Thank God) and he's back to his usual self when it comes to feeds and then some. He has started retching and gagging the minute I pick him up and hold him in "feed" position or when the bottle comes near his face. It usually leads to a pre-feed throw up. Nice, huh?

Such a Bad Bad habit! He's impossible to reason with and impossible to bribe so I'm getting to my wits end and patience is dwindling.

On the PT and OT front, we keep doing the same stretches and exercises every day with no results. I'm ready for some LEAPS and BOUNDS of development (I'd even take a small hop at this point). I'm tired. I want results. I feel like I've been going full speed ahead without letting up for a while now and just a little bit of improvement would keep up the momentum. But it's just not happening. I feel deflated and worn out.

I'm very much looking forward to our trip to Colorado. I think looking out of the window at a new view may be enough to recharge to old batteries. What I wouldn't give for my little man to behave long enough for me to get a massage, haircut, teeth cleaning, pedicure,.... okay, let's be realistic, I would LOVE a worry-free shower for longer than 5 minutes. My hair is dying for some conditioner! But as of right now N-man has me watching him like a hawk (a hawk with hairy legs and split ends!). ::Smile::

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