Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Lactose! Bad Bad!

I keep staring at my blogger page just thinking "I HAVE to post something".  My last post is such a downer and as always I seem to get over things.  I can't just let that be my last word anymore.  The spit up is bad but not the end of the world, at least not this minute (I reserve the right to change mind and attitude at the drop of a hat and probably will at the next feed).

Noah is still throwing up (I think even more than 2 weeks ago).  He just gets himself all worked up gagging and eventually he throws up.  It's so frustrating and I have tried everything but hanging him upside down to stop it.  He's losing weight which you know drives me completely INSANE!  I've spoken to the keto dietitians about what we are going to do to fix this.  So at my request we've decided to try a Soy-based formula.  

I got to thinking the other day.  Noah has ALWAYS thrown up after (before and during) feeds.  I've always been a freak and made up for the lost volume by refeeding and refeeding him.  Frankly, it's a battle I'm now losing and sick of fighting.  We've never really investigated that it could possibly be a lactose intolerance.  Hmmmm.....

Guess we'll see.  

Seriously, I'm going to kick my own (sorry for the bad word) ass if it is something so simple as an allergy.  We've/He's been going through this since day one.  Poor guy.  Todd is convinced it's lactose.  I'm more skeptical but will try anything at this point....well, except surgery (which by the way I did my own experiment (I just couldn't keep a feed down him) and dropped an NG tube a couple of weeks ago and fed him through that and it just made him gag and heave harder to thrown up but he still managed.  This makes me think a G tube wouldn't help either)!  I may have to actually give my husband some credit if this really works!   


  1. I found the mom thing tough too. I love it so much more now that Charlie is a little older and has a little more personality. That's just me.

    The seizure thing sucks and I find that it just drains the life out of everything. I do hope it gets better.

    I find a lot of CP kids are milk intolerant. I don't give any to Charlie.

  2. I hope the soy works!! Good luck. Love you!

  3. We're thinking of the Sweitzer family often & keep sending our love and prayers. Yours is a beautiful family. xoxo

  4. I think Todd may have you on this one. It makes so much sense but with everything else going on it made it hard to think of something so simple. I really really really hope it works so all the other stuff can work too. I love you guys!!!

  5. I hope and pray that this works and have been checking the blog daily to see how things are going. You guys are in my prayers! i admire you!
    Amy Groh

  6. Grace had to have soy based formula, she still threw up, but less. Was anyone in your or Todd's family allergic to milk as a baby? I was.