Saturday, January 30, 2010


My life feels like a series of issues that keep "popping up".  We get through one thing and another is just waiting to rear it's ugly little head.  I'm getting pretty sick of it.

Noah has surgery scheduled for Monday.  I say "scheduled" because Todd has been sick, passed it along to me, and we are waiting to see if Noah is lucky enough to bypass the whole thing.  If he ends up catching it then surgery will be cancelled.  

It CANNOT be cancelled.

My patience for spit ups, feeds that make me so anxious I'm contemplating a doctor's prescription, and carefully not moving for more than an hour after the feed in hopes that he may actually keep it down is officially Gone Daddy Gone.  I face feeds with dread. Absolute dread.  

It seems like everything else is on hold until we can get this under control.

His PT and OT sessions have been suffering (not even sure if they really help but for argument's sake let's say they do).  The last time we saw our OT was before Christmas.  I've cancelled PT so many times I think she forgot where we live.  Noah has developed some pretty bad little habits I'm hoping PT can correct.  

So, if everything goes as planned, surgery on Monday morning, hospital for a couple of days (barring no complications), and then home (hopefully reflux free).  

Here's hoping it's not another game of Wack-a-Mole!  


  1. Our prayers are with the three of you and esp. for Noah's recovery. Also for the success of the surgery in allowing food to be kept down. Love, Aunt Janet

  2. Thinking of you all today!

  3. Got every part of me crossed that the surgery WILL go through today. Sending you tons and tons of prayers and good magic.