Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fundo is no Fun...doh!

Well, as usual things are never easy for us...

We got to the hospital bright and squirrelly and things were going well.  We went into pre-op for vital signs and to have the "talk" with all the docs about complications and whatnot.  The standard yadda yadda we've gone through before.  Only THIS time there was a little snag.  Seems our little man wasn't carrying enough oxygen in his little red blood cells causing a low oxygen saturation.  The first (yes, first) anesthesiologist (who was as sympathetic as ice cubes and had the bedside manner of a turnip) refused (you heard me, REFUSED) to put him under for the operation.  WHAT?!?  AND she was  so mean about it.  This caused many tears on my side and pleading with our surgeon to do it anyway.  Please fix our little boy!

See, Noah NEEDED the surgery.  He wasn't going to go home and get better...he was on his way to getting sick (really sick) from throwing up so much and inhaling small amounts into his lungs (this was confirmed by a chest x-ray).  Our surgeon (God Love Him!) advocated and really went above and beyond (he really felt that Noah needed this done ASAP) and found an anesthesiologist who would take the risk and go ahead (God love him too!).   

Noah got his procedure done (It's called a fundoplication).

We are in the ICU and he's hanging in there.  He's been working really hard to breath (scaring the daylights out of us) but that's pretty normal for him after sedation or general.  I keep reminding myself about that.   

He's had an EEG done and we are waiting to hear about that too.  

We had a very very unhappy roommate last night (actually a Haiti earthquake victim and her mother).  She's since been moved to a private room.  So far we are alone here but that could change pretty fast around here.  

That's it for now.

Thanks for the prayers and sweet words of support.  Please continue as the hardest part is the eating!   

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  1. sorry to read you and noah are having such a tough time. sending you both lovr and luck, and wishing the lil fella a speedy recovery