Tuesday, February 2, 2010

EEG Update

So....we just got an email from Dr L about Noah's EEG.  

During the 20 minute test there was... get ready... NO SEIZURE ACTIVITY!  

Such great news!  

We didn't expect to get a result like that.  Just so grateful and excited right now.

Working on weaning Noah from oxygen.  He's had a partial meal and tolerated it exceptionally well.  

Keeping fingers crossed things keep going in this incredible direction.  

I have to go jump up and down and scream from the rooftops right now.



  1. I have to cry right now with relief and joy. Oh thank you God.

  2. What great news!!! It is about time you got some encouraging news. Love you guys!

    Tracy G.

  3. Tricia, Todd and Noah, I am so glad to hear that things went so smoothly and I am keeping my fingers crossed. I will continue to pray for all of you...it's working! God Bless you all
    Amy Groh

  4. Scream and scream and scream and scream. Till your throat is hoarse and dry. I will do the same. You will hear me all the way from Lake City. I'm with Sherry, crying tears of joy. What a wonderful day today is!

  5. I love this day!!!!! I am typing through happy tears. I have a full heart.
    So much love being sent to you!!

  6. Today was a blessed day!! So excited about the great news about Noah and loving the joy in your voice. I hoped you jumped and jumped and jumped for joy!! God is soooo good.
    Love you all,