Monday, February 8, 2010

1 week post op

Okay, so a week ago Noah was in the ICU with an anesthesiologist bedside debating on reintubating our little rockstar.  His O-sats were low and he was REALLY working on the whole breathing thing.  Not surprisingly, our little one pulled through without the extra "help".  It was ugly but he got it done.

With that in mind, today is a ton better!  Either I'm getting used to everything or things are actually settling down. Noah is still gagging and retching during and after feeds but it seems like it's not as much.  The Doc did say he'd have to learn how to eat again after the swelling goes down and he starts to heal.   

Time will tell.   My hopes are back in the stratosphere again.  :)  Man, it doesn't take much does it!?!

Thanks for the lovie words, many prayers, and support.  We are hanging in there and the people who love us so good are a HUGE reason we can keep fighting the good fight.   

Pops is going in for a new knee on the 10th.  Please pray for his speedy recovery so he and Noah can make their mini hike to Pete's Lake this summer (Dad, it is on the calendar for July 8th!).  Good luck and we LOVE you!!!


  1. xoxoxoxxo And a mountain town walk about with his granddaddy sounds like a great b-day gift to you, Mom. (Good luck with the knee, Mr. H.!)

  2. Love to hear you sounding more hopeful!! Noah is quite the fighter and thrives on the love you and Todd lavish on him. That mountain hike sounds great. Can't wait to read about that in your posts. Will keep your dad in my prayers, hope everything goes well for him. Happy Valentines Day on Sunday. Love you all.

  3. Tricia, after stomach surgery, the stomach is super-sensitive and over-reactive; it needs time to heal. Both your Uncle Jerry and I experienced problems--me after the gastric bypass surgery and he after his Whipple procedure for the tumor in the bile duct. Noah has been through so much for such a little guy; we have to believe that he is strong and will overcome! By the way, he looks better in the photo. Our prayers continue for the 3 of you.
    And how about those Saints!!!!!! Love, Aunt Janet

  4. Yes! Great to hear that things are settling down :) And - my heart is full w/ the thought that your LC womens may get to see you all for your bday!!
    For Noah to be well enough to travel...ahhh. Bliss.
    Lovin you,

  5. So happy things are on the upswing. The future is so bright now. I can barely contain myself knowing you will be in LC this summer. OMG!!!! That will be the best. Can't wait to hold that little boober. Sending your pops lots of love, and you three too. Love you.

  6. I am so glad that you found your optimism again. SUPER thrilled to hear you all are coming HOME! Good luck on your surgery Big Daddy, do everything your therapists and docs tell you to do!
    Hugs and Hugs again!

  7. And what a beautiful photo! Noah looks great.

  8. he looks so beautiful! I'm glad things are getting a little better, sweetie, thinking about you always...
    much love, Nicole

  9. I have heard many things about you and your family, but I couldn't put any faces on you guys. Aunt Ann is our neighbor and we have been saving pop can tabs for baby Noah (as my 4 year old daughter) calls him. I am glad to hear that he is doing well. Stay strong!! God's will works wonders.

    Stefanie, Jim & Erynne Capalbo
    New Castle, PA