Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Haircut for a Little Boy.

Well, I finally caved. The hair was too much and the head control was too little. After repeatedly pulling the little man's hair on accident trying to help his big 'ol melon (I should say his poor little neck) move, I had my limit (and I know Noah had his).

Now I feel strangely superstitious.

I've always said that I wasn't cutting No-man's hair until he walks. Did I subconsciously give up? Realize walking probably is not in his future (those damn little foxes!*)? God, I hope not and that wasn't my intention. I like to think I was being practical.

As my little dude gains head control he can grow a big huge head of curly locks.

Until then, sorry buddy, it's a buzz cut for you.

Friday March 26th is Purple Day. It's a day to wear purple to show your support for all of those who suffer from seizures. So maybe it was a good time for a haircut so no one will mistake my little man for a girl when he is wearing his purple! :)

*My friend Lauren put it so eloquently in her blog (THE BROWNS'...BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF (on my blog there's a link called "Gage" in the "blogs I follow" section and I highly suggest you check it out)) about those days when things just aren't "right".


  1. AHHHHHHHH! Now he has the same hairstyle as Hope! Though perhaps you could donate some of Noah's cause I'd rather she had a bit more hehe.

    PS- I get you about the foxes Xxx

  2. Hey girl...thanks for the props...we follow your blog too...EVERY DAY!!! These foxes will NOT win our races! Love yall!

  3. It's Friday & I put on my purple. Head to toe. They can call me the purple people eater at work & I can tell them why. Noah is beautiful & the new 'do suits him. XOXO