Monday, April 5, 2010


Noah had a nice Easter (so did we). Nana and Poppy came up for a visit and Hanna had a total blast following Poppy around (NONSTOP!). We got a big Easter basket filled with deliciousness and it was great to have company in the house. Poppy keeps Todd on his toes so Nana keeps me and No company.

No-man is being a little feisty. It's hard to blog about it. I'm feeling a bit defeated yet again. He's figured out how to throw up again so we are dancing that dance (part two). It's not as intense but it's definitely a little more unnerving since it was supposed to stop for good with the Fundoplasty. Not the case. We've made the phone calls and sent the emails to possibly try a new formula but nothing happens overnight when it comes to change and THE DIET. We were attempting solid foods and he was doing pretty well, but that is all on hold for now. :(

Surgery is next Monday and I'm becoming more anxious with every passing day. THANK GOD my parents, sis, and niece are coming in for support. We will be able to spend a few days together and so what if it's in the hospital! That's a second home for us anyway! Frankly, I feel more at home there than most places.

On a high note... Seizures are still at bay (Knock on wood!!!) and Noah is using his new equipment (Stander and Creepster Crawler). He's SO NOT a fan of the new "toys" but boy oh boy I am! Push Push Push!!! He'll be walking in no time, Pops! :)


  1. Wahoo! So excited for use of the new toys. His new haircut just makes his big beautiful eyes pop! How fun that your family is coming to visit. I know the surgery will go well

  2. It sounds like Noah is finding hs attitude. Good for him!I love the feistiness! Can't wait to see Noah using those new toys! Prayers will be flowing your way next week during surgery.
    God Bless

  3. Stepping forward and back, just doing the Noah dance!. Hold on to the progress and deal with the rest. Loving you and looking forward to seeing you this summer.

  4. t, you never cease to amaze me. I just have tears in my eyes about what a proud and brave mama you are. you are noah's champion. I'm so excited he's being able to try new things, I'm sure you are loving it!
    I love you. xoxo nicole