Friday, April 16, 2010

...the rest of the story.

Well, our trip to Philly was less than boring, yet again. :)

We went on Sunday and met with my parents, sister, and niece who flew in from KS and CO. It was so excellent to see them and Mallory (my niece) FINALLY got to meet my No-man. She was so incredible with him it brought tears to my eyes. He was taken by her (who wouldn't be as she has grown into such a beautiful young lady of twelve) and she very patiently read to him and stroked his face and head and spoke so sweetly to him. Very very precious. I jokingly say I'm training her to care for him after we die if he requires such care, but I'm not really joking. :)

We got to CHOP around 6 am to check in and do the usual meetings with the docs and nurses and go over procedures. Thankfully No held his O-sats long enough to please the intake nurse (although they weren't quite as high as they should be).

As we sat in the waiting room full of parents waiting just sitting around with their faces full of fear and exhaustion I found myself eavesdropping when the update nurse came by to tell all of us how our kids were doing. Somehow hearing that some kids were going to be in the OR for 6 1/2 hours made me feel a little better (such a selfish thing) and I kept flashing back to No's surgery that lasted hours and hours (his spinal surgery). Oh, that was such an awful wait. Thankfully this one was only about 2 hours.

We got to go back to recovery to wait for him to wake up and our hopes of leaving soon after were sky high. That soon faded when Noah kept dropping his O-sats and really freaking out the nurses. At one point they were trying to secure the seal of the face mask and began bagging my baby. He of course freaked out and I had to say something like..."Just stop and give him a minute!!!". They did and he recovered but they admitted him in the the ICU for the night. Seems like they didn't take me seriously when I told them this was typical of his post anesthesia self and he proved me right by not having anymore issues and was a total rock star for the duration of his stay. I, however, was a wreck. I really don't like being in the hospital. I mean really really really don't like it. I've/we've served our time and now I hope we get a break (a very very very long break) from visits in the future.

We went back to the hotel and spend the next two days with my family eating, playing Wii and Sorry, and just really enjoying being together. We had an audiology appt and Miss A actually told us No has capabilities of hearing normally (if he does or not is a different story and that would make it a neurological issue) so that was a huge improvement from our last visit. Our Neonatal follow-up appt just told us that we are doing the right things to support No is this battle and he looks better than then last time they saw him. Yippee!

Did you expect anything less from my little hero? He is so amazing and we are lucky to have him in our lives. I find myself thanking God everyday for blessing me with such an incredible soul for a son. Who would have thought that I'd be trusted with such an important job? I certainly didn't.

And now you know the rest of the story. Good Day! (that one was for you Pops and in memory of Paul Harvey).


  1. I'm so glad that Janice, Stacy and Mallory got to be there with you! Noah is such a strong little man....
    Much love,

  2. Hey beautiful lady. Sounds like things went well and great for you all to spend time with the fam. How about that Mallory. July can't come soon enough as I want to kiss and hug you all. Things went well with the surgery it sounds like, and once again we know No is a rock star and no one knows him better than his mom. Here's to no more hospital for a while!

  3. Noah, you are certainly my hero. You have done it again. Tricia, I am sure being on the other side of this surgery is a huge load off your mind, Glad that you wee able to spend some quality time wit the family, sounds like you had a bit of a chance to relax (for just a moment).
    Amy Groh

  4. I am so glad the fam got to come out there for a visit....and that Mal got to meet little Noah. Of course he once again showed us how much of a rock star he is and you are too!!