Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I know many of you are anxious to hear about what happened with surgery and appts. I'm exhausted so this is just a status update.

Surgery went well.
Stayed in the PICU that night.
Left next day.
Had appts next day.
They went well.
Loved seeing my family.
Didn't have enough time with them.

I really will do a real post later. Just want to gel for the night.
Thanks for the prayers and the positive thoughts you sent our way. Once again, it worked!!!


  1. Yeah!!!!!
    XO, Cindy

  2. I was anxious to hear how everything went! I've been checking the blog like a stalker! Glad to hear all went well.... Noah does it again! Way to go Noah! (oh and mommy and daddy too!)

  3. I don't get to post as often as I'd like...but as I was reading through this and past posts it just struck me. You are an AMAZING mommy! (((((hugs))))