Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back in a funk

I've been feeling kind of blah lately. More frustrated than anything really.

Noah is being Noah. Unpredicatably predictable. Last week, he was in a good mood and somewhat receptive to new forms of therapy. This week, he's been very grouchy, whiny, and uncooperative. He's not into PT and OT this week. He's really into being left alone. I am so ready for strides of massive proportions in a forward direction. NOT sideways or backward.

I want grabbing toys. I want reaching for me. I want giggling. I want laughs, not cries. I want. I want. I want.

It's not really about me. It's about him. He who doesn't WANT to do anything. We've been having conversations about the intrinsic desire to WANT things or his lack thereof. He doesn't WANT to even have the discussion. He does want one thing...to be left alone. I just can't accept that.

So, our days are filled with me trying to convince him to do things and he just disagrees in his Noah way. What is the Noah way? Well, let's just say it's his way of shutting me out.

Umm, he's not sleeping....


  1. Well. Dude's got attitude. And, we know grownups that shut down & shut us out so they don't have to deal...what's that, a blocking mechanism? And, NoMan is getting into his 'terrible 2s' right on schedule? Obviously, I'm not a psychotherapist or a mother...and I am hearing your frustration...I only offer back the obvious in an attempt to find the good in the bad. Good luck, Sweet T. Please hang in there.

  2. I know that I hate when people say this to me but...this too shall pass and next week he will be up and at it again! Is teething a possiblity? Those 2 year molars can be rough on a little guy. Keep you head up!
    Amy Groh

  3. I'm pretty impressed with his protests. Is he really sort of kind of standing there leaning on that bean bag? DUDE! He's awesome!
    Love and Hugs and Patience