Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Truth be told...

I know I can't keep using "cop out" posts forever but I'm having a hard time putting it all out there.  

Honestly, things have really been sucking lately.

Noah is spitting up like never before and is having seizures like he's making up for lost time.  It's awful.  I actually didn't get out of pj's or brush my hair for about 5 days (which really really bugs me).  Leaving Noah even for 5 minutes just wasn't an option.  Thankfully I did get a shower (had a therapist coming over and didn't want to run her off!); I just finally had to risk it.  Risk it, you ask?  Well, Noah has about a 20 minute grace period between a feed and a seizure which promptly turns into spitting up his entire feed and then we start the cycle over again. I usually use those minutes to grab another cup of coffee and wash bottles and prepare the next feed/med.  We have been existing in our one room and at times it's feeling a little like house arrest.  I know how Martha Stewart must have felt.  I've had my hands full and laundry is out of control.  

Side note: I love my friends who often tell me they wish they were closer so they could help with things like laundry.  Trust me ladies, that is the last thing you would do for me right now, no matter how much I begged.  Our basement, where the washer and dryer live, is infested with bats.  Our lovely cat is picking them off one by one and bringing them upstairs to our kitchen, ALIVE.  So, I have a GOOD excuse to let the laundry slide.   It's yet another issue we will eventually have to deal with but I just don't want to!  Blame me? 

All I can say right now is thank goodness for wine. ::smile::


  1. Oh dear Tricia, when I read your words, (which i often do), my heart bleeds for you-- and for Noah and for what he is suffering, and for Todd and for what he must do to earn a living, and help around and with Noah's situation. Yes, you are young and very strong, but the nonstop care of Noah cannot be carried on without some reprieve, or I fear your eventual collapse. Are there any public agencies that can send in a nurse or other therapist that can spell you for 2 or 3 hours so that you can sleep or just have a little time to yourself? My conversations with your mother over the past 15 months, and especially the past 9 months have left me feeling very bad for Noah, you and Todd.
    I pray for you, Aunt Janet

  2. Drink up Sis! I love you---

  3. I would do most anything to help you, but bats I just can't do. I pray for your family every day! Love you!

  4. Bats?? Seriously?? Holy cow!! I found one at church one time and it scared the living love out of me! Cannot imagine more than one!! I'd let the laundry pile up too! Are there any rockstar doctors in Houston?? I could actually help you then!!

  5. I would do battle with the bats everyday and make that mountain of laundry disappear for the chance to sit with you and Noah. Or even just so you wouldn't have to do it. Hang in there girl. Love you. And keep the words coming.

  6. I wish that I could come and help you guys out! I would do anything to make your lives a little bit easier! You all are in our thoughts daily! I wish I could have a glass of red with you!

  7. T - I would totally stay on top of the laundry and meals if I were there with you! I couldn't care less about the bats. I like bats :)

  8. We're still here, still wishing we could help, still loving you and Noah and Todd. Hugs , Jodi and Bruce