Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today I'm in a better mood.  Not quite as angry.  Somehow blogging helps me clear my head and remember what's important, which is staying focused on Noah and being positive. 

Sometimes I just need a blogger meltdown to get me to the "right" head space.

Tonight we are sitting here doing the same 'ol same 'ol (feeds and spitting up with a seizure in between).  There are kids (well, GERMS with costumes on disguising their H1N1 viruses) coming to our porch to find a big bowl of candy and a sign: "Sorry we missed you.  Happy Halloween.  Please just take one! :)"  I'm such a chicken and I'm doing my best to keep Noah healthy this cold and flu season!

So here are a few pics of Noah and Daddy all dressed up...

Noah is "Tom Brady-cardia" (He used to drop his heart rate to the 40 and 50s beats per minute when we were in the NICU which caused many many alarms to go crazy (and his mom went a little nuts too!)).  Next year I think he'll be "Seizure" Salad.  Have a Happy Halloween!  


  1. So glad you guys had some laughs this weekend. Definately - blogging and dealing w/ so many emotions head-on is a good thing. Mostly - you pull through those moments and still have your sense of humor. Very important. I love you!

  2. Ok, nice costume Todd. That's a classic. And Noah is putting them all to shame he looks so tough. hang in there girl. You are fighting the hard fight and don't blame yourself for wanting to keep Noah from catching germs. They scare me too. Love you

  3. Very cute costumes! Thanks for commenting about your trip to Detroit. Can't wait to catch up on your blog & Noah's journey. Also...LOVE the "seizure salad" idea.