Friday, September 25, 2009

Little did I know...

I know it's been a while but it's tough saying the same thing over and over.  I don't want to be the chronic complainer but honestly what you read is pretty par for the course.  

I have had an interesting thought, however.

I've decided the dating I did in my 20's prepared me for motherhood.

Little did I know that I would be in the same situation I swore time and time again I'd never be in.  You know those guys we dated that were always so elusive.  The more we gave and clung, the further they pulled away and the worse they treated us.  We were always doing nice stuff for them and buying little presents so they'd know just how much we cared and how often we thought about them. 

Basically running them off! 

Well, if Noah were in his 30's I'd break up with him.  I swear I give and give and he just takes and takes. (okay, who are we kidding?  He'd break up with me because I'm "too needy" and a total doormat.  Have you seen those baby blues?)

You have to know I'm really laughing on the inside about my little comparison.  Too clever for my own good I tell you!  :)  I have to find humor where I can sometimes. 

Back to an actual update which is why you have tuned in anyway.

Noah has been having really bad seizures lately.  They make him howl (not sure if he's in pain or just terrified) and come fast and are wicked.  We've had to resort to using rescue valum a couple of times (it's scary to use because it makes him SO comatose). I've talked to our doc and we've increased one of his meds hoping it will curb this behavior STAT!  

I'm experimenting with feeds (always) to find what will work for him.  Some days I just throw up (no pun intended) my arms and just hope he's getting enough.  I'm tired of always being upset about it and poor Hanna just tucks tail and runs out of the room the second he starts coughing.  (He's got the whole family on high alert!)  

So, some things are a little better and some things are a little worse.  

We go to CHOP on Monday to meet with the Keto Team to make sure we are still go for October 14th.  :)  

As always, please keep Noah in your thoughts and prayers.  


  1. I'm praying for the diet things to work. good luck with your trip to CHOP. Love you.

  2. I had to laugh with you about your dating comparison!! Definately - finding humor where you can is important.
    Safe travels to CHOP today!

  3. OMG you make me laugh. I hope everything went well on Monday. Thinking of you and your peanut always. Love your sis

  4. How did it go on Monday?