Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well we heard back from Dr L.  He seems to think Noah would be an unlikely candidate for surgery since he has many (yes, I said many) sites of injury on his brain.  

I must have missed that interpretation of his brain MRI.  I know I'd remember "many sites of injury".  How could I have missed that? Ask anyone who knows me.  I don't miss things like that.  I keep a journal of every seizure and what it looks like.  I keep track of every milliliter that goes into his mouth and even the milliliters that come back up.  I am so meticulous about record keeping.  How did I miss that? Did I intentionally block out that sentence because it is so horrible? 

 Because there is more than one site causing seizures, its removal may give rise to other places starting.  In a nutshell, I'm devastated.  So much for a day without tears.  


  1. I'm hugging you honey

  2. I am so sorry Tricia! I am thinking of you all and I wish I could make everything better! Please call me if you need someone to talk to!!

    Lots of love~

  3. Tricia - I'm so sorry about this news. I just am not sure what else to say. I love you and think you are the most amazing and loving mother ever.

  4. What Sandy said!!!
    Praying and thinking of you everyday.....


  5. Tricia,
    We do not know each other, but my dear friend has kept me posted on Noah over the past year. My best friends son Nick, was born with severe hydrocephelus and MANY more severe problems. The Dr's told my friend that her son would not live for more than 24 hours. Nick is almost 11 years old, he is a fighter. He is the light of his Mama's life. He is beautiful. He is sweet. It is apparent you have a little fighter as well.
    Tricia, my thoughts and love are with you!
    Love and light,
    Teresa (in Palisade)

  6. Tricia, yours is a strong and beautiful family. Keep the faith and the strength.

  7. Bless you, sweetie, I'm so sad to hear you are hurting, having to deal with this news. You are doing such an amazing job taking care of little Noah. Sending lots of hugs and love, Nicole