Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yesterday was just tough.  Noah doesn't want to eat (he eats but he can't keep it down).  He actually spit up 10 oz yesterday!  Argh!  (He only gets 24 1/2 oz per day)  He had a few seizures that just went on and on and on.  I had the rescue valum out and was so close to using it.  Such a judgement call...I hate it.  So between changing my clothes, his clothes, and bed clothes multiple times I tried to clean up a little.   Somedays it's just futile to even try to do anything else but count seizures, feed and re-feed that little boy!  AND he needs a bath! Didn't get to that either. 

Here's hoping today is easier for him.  

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Hope all my LC friends are enjoying the wine fest!  Wish I was there with you...

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  1. We all wish you were here with us yesterday! Hoping today is easier on you and Noah. Love and kisses and hugs and calm tummys to all! Jodi